The story of Suve:

In emergency situation, Suve helped you find answers to questions related to COVID-19 and the situation in the country (including issues related to travelling, health and documents). Now it has found a new role, providing information on working and investing in Estonia.

COVID-19 in Estonia

To help contain the spreading of the virus, it is important to follow the orders of the government and other official institutions. Responsible behavior will protect ourselves, our close ones and people with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly and the chronically ill.

eeBot team

Suve’s virtual parents or the eeBot team: Michaela Snopková, Elar Tammeraja, Anneli Nienhaus, Annely Tank, Kadi Kenk, Kristiina Kerge, Kata Varblane, Triin Visnapuu-Sepp, Marten Kaevats, Ott Velsberg, Tex Vertmann, Ardo Leemets, Kille-Ingeri Liivoja, Annika Lentso, Mikk Tamme, Tõnis Vapper, Kerli Saar, Kersti Hausenberg, Andero Kaha. Helping at the various home offices: wives, husbands, partners, 18 children, 5 cats, 3 giant snails, 2 dogs, 5 education robots, 1 investment advising robot, and a spider (in the bathroom).

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During the emergency situation in Estonia, Suve focused on questions related to the crisis situation. To guarantee trustworthy and accurate information, we co-operated with the Estonian Government Communication Unit.

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